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Hopefully by now, readers of Clima are aware that our interviews also come in podcast form. You can listen to current and past recordings right now, from your usual podcast platform.

We’re massive fans of podcasts more broadly, however, so wanted to share some of our favourites to listen to as the evenings get colder and the nights draw in. In no particular order, here is a flavour of what the IGS team is listening to right now.

1. Engineering Matters

The podcast all about engineers and the problems they have to solve to improve our world. Engineering Matters is a firm IGS favourite thanks to its mix of engineering know-how and straight-talking presenter style.

Plus, as an added bonus, IGS featured in an episode back in September. Listen back now to hear voices including CTO of IGS, Dave Scott, and our Senior Software Developer, Fara Khan, discussing how engineering disciplines can come together to help develop a solution to the looming climate disaster.


2. The Vertical Farming Podcast

This one does what it says on the tin: a podcast dedicated to vertical farming! Hosted by Harry Duran, the podcast is now in its fourth season and has featured interviews with figures from right across the sector.

Key themes include the economic viability of the sector, how to ensure yield consistency, and discussions around the wide range of industries that vertical farming can help to support, stretching far beyond simply food production.


3. Future Food

Presented by AgFunder’s Louisa Burwood Taylor, Future Food takes a look at the ways in which how we grow, purchase and consume our food is changing as new technologies and products redefine the our attitudes to produce. What will we be eating in 2050? And how will that food reach our dinner tables?  


4. BBC Farming Today

Since it was first broadcast in 1960, BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today programme has remained a daily constant on the airwaves. For those of us who aren’t naturally early risers, the programme is now available in podcast format, meaning you don’t need to be awake at 5.45am to get your daily dose of the British farming industry.


5. Sustainable(ish) Podcast

The enormity of the threat of climate change can make it feel like there’s no point even trying to make changes on an individual level. Sustainable(ish) is a refreshing look at all things environmental and sustainable, with none of the guilt. Presenter Jen Gale first started out blogging her experiences of buying nothing new for her family for a year, and seven years on her podcast is now an international hit with audiences across the globe.


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