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Simplicity and Scalability – why the modular approach will benefit agritech

July 2020

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By David Farquhar, CEO

Welcome to the second edition of Clima – our new thought leadership series. We have been very pleased with the warm reception from across the globe to the inaugural edition and welcome ideas and suggestions of topics or interviewees.

Our aim is to share a broad range of thought-provoking, relevant and innovative perspectives across our network and beyond.

Right across the agritech sector, the appetite for innovation is vast, and in many ways unprecedented. The need to approach challenges in new and different ways is overtly apparent as we move to support the development of sustainable national food security strategies around the world. To achieve this scale of change and meet demand, the whole food and agricultural sector requires new perspectives and overhaul.

However, this innovation must have simplicity at its core, and it needs to be easily scalable to suit a broad variety of situations.

These factors are at the forefront of our thinking each day at IGS, and we know we are by no means alone in this. Globally, there is a growing desire to deploy modular solutions and to explore the implications this can have for the integration and implementation of precision agritech. As the challenges facing food security and supply increase, this is a feature of the delivery of enhanced food production capabilities.

Through this edition we look at this topic in more detail, considering the end-to-end implementation of agritech solutions. We home in on the Middle East region talking with Kenny McRae and Christina Porter of our recently announced Dubai-based reseller, International Real Estate Partners (IREP), to hear why introducing sustainable food supply must be supported by scalable, turnkey technology solutions for easier deployment.

We also are very pleased to welcome Bob Waterson, Managing Director at our manufacturing partners Greenfold Systems Ltd. Bob presents the production perspective and highlights how design complexity can be addressed early in the manufacturing process to remove potential challenges further down the line during system deployment.

The agritech sector is a developing and expanding ecosystem. What we need now are real life, deliverable solutions that are simple to build and operate and can expand and scale where demand arises. Simultaneously, we must be prepared to meet the twin challenges of net zero carbon targets and food security.

We welcome your feedback and hope that you find this edition of Clima interesting.

Best wishes

David Farquhar, CEO, IGS

Kenny McCrae and Christina Porter

Kenny McCrae, Managing Director and Christina Porter, Business Development Director, International Real Estate Partners (IREP)

Interview and Podcast

Bob Waterson

Managing Director, Greenfold Systems Ltd

Interview and Podcast

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