Edition 5

A premium approach to provenance

December 2020

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By David Farquhar, CEO

As 2020 comes to a close there is no doubt that this will be a year etched in global history. It has brought undeniable suffering and loss on an international scale, but it has also challenged us in our individual lives and in the national and local communities in which we exist. The impact of COVID 19 has forced us to innovate and think more holistically about our own lives, our well-being and the health of the world in which we live. Without a doubt it has also forced us to deepen the relationship with our own localities and really see and recognise what we have (and don’t have) close by.

In this context, edition five of Clima considers the concept of provenance and the increased emphasis it is receiving across many sectors and areas of our lives. More specifically, we focus on the food, leisure and hospitality industries and examine how a growing commitment to provenance is setting a hallmark of premium quality for the sector, particularly as it considers its future post-COVID.

We have been lucky enough to talk to Peter Lederer, one of the UK’s foremost leaders in hospitality. Formerly MD and Chairman of the world-renowned Gleneagles Hotel, Peter has had a stellar non-executive career across many areas of the food, drink, entertainment and leisure industries. Peter’s perspective on the impacts of COVID and his view on the opportunities for the sector are steeped in experience and an earthy realism. He discusses the real opportunity to come from people taking advantage of home-grown travel, food supply and culinary excellence, offering much-needed positivity for the industry he is so passionate about.

We are also delighted to welcome Praveen Kumar, Executive Chef at Tabla Restaurant in Perth, Scotland, and previously at the Gleneagles Hotel. In addition to running Tabla, Praveen has also established his own range of authentic frozen Indian dishes using produce native to India now grown in Scotland. Born on a farm in Southern India, Praveen takes us on a journey to his family home in Perth, emphasising his commitment to personal and professional innovation along the way. Provenance and quality are cornerstones of his approach to hospitality and cooking, and his desire to innovate and create the very best is reaping many benefits for his suppliers and customers.

We launched Clima this year to extend how we engage with our customers, friends and network, and to welcome new friends into this community. We are extremely grateful to all those who have participated and to those who have taken the time to listen, discuss and show support for Clima. We have an interesting calendar planned for 2021 and hope to bring you lots more perspectives from around the globe.

Please enjoy this edition.

With all best wishes for the upcoming 2021.

David Farquhar, CEO, IGS

Praveen Kumar

Executive Chef Tabla Restaurant and food producer

Interview and Podcast

Peter Lederer

Chairman of The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and Taste Communications and formerly Chairman and MD of Gleneagles Hotel

Interview and Podcast


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