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Recipes for success - propagating perfectly every time

December 2021

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By David Farquhar, CEO

Leafy greens, herbs and salads. These are the crops most commonly associated with vertical farming, but they are by no means the limits of its applications. Continual research and development are crucial if we are to establish ways to reliably and efficiently feed a growing and increasingly urbanised global population. We must look at a hybrid approach to the future of farming, with innovative agritech solutions providers working closely in partnership with traditional agriculture to establish a sustainable way forward.

To explore this theme, we are delighted to welcome Archie Gibson from Agrico UK: one of the world’s largest seed potato distributors. Archie talks us through the process of developing new varieties of seed potato, the challenges facing the sector and the ways in which vertical farming technology can be deployed to streamline efficiencies and ensure long-term success.

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David Farquhar, CEO, IGS

Archie Gibson

Executive Director, Agrico UK

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